There's nothing more relaxing than taking a long hot bath at the end of the day. Over the last couple months I've been taking them as much as I can, so naturally I've fallen into a routine.  Right after I turn on the water, I always make sure to use my dry brush. Aside from exfoliation, dry brushing has many natural benefits, like improving circulation and digestion, reducing cellulite, brightening skin and releasing toxins. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've definitely seen results. Now, I can't imagine not using one! Next, I pour about a cup of lavender Epsom salts into the water. Just like dry brushing Epsom salts have natural benefit's. A few in particular are stress release, elimination of toxins and relief of body pains. I soak for about 15 minutes until my skin has softened enough to use a body scrub. Lately, I've been using Soothing Touch's Lavender Herbal Salt Scrub. The combination of dry brushing, epsom salts and a salt scrub has made a world of a difference in my skin! 

 When I finally will myself into getting out of the bath, I cozy up in my robe while using a towel to pat dry my skin. Patting opposed to rubbing has the added benefit of locking in remaining water. I try to moisturize within minutes of getting out of the bath, the sooner the better. Lotion traps remaining water left on the skin and uses it for hydration.

 I can honestly say I've seen a difference in both body and mind after incorporating baths into my routine. Below are a few (of many) of my favorite baths from my Relaxation board on Pinterest. They could get anyone in the mood to take a minute for themselves and relax. 


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