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New York: Maman

Without hesitation, I can say New York is my favorite place in the world. Everyone is different. There's an endless possibility of people to see and places to go. On the top of my list is Maman, a bakery and cafe in Soho. The food is made from locally grown ingredients and family inspired recipe's from the South of France and North America. Aside from that, the French country chic decor is kinda perfect. The coffee cups are a blue and white toile design and even the bathroom looks worth a visit.


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Lately, I've been loving the simplicity of a crisp white comforter. With all the things going on in our lives, it seems nice to come home to an all white bed. It's an effortless way to achieve instant serenity. 


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Best Style Advice I've Read

Ironically, the best fashion advice I've ever read was in an article by The Chronicles of Her called, "The best style advice I've ever been given." To sum it up, being consistent in your style is only half of it, in order to be truly stylish you must be consistent but never predictable. It got me thinking about  how could I apply this advice to my own style. 

One piece I've been loving are lace up heels, but how can I apply them to my wardrobe unpredictably? I decided I would look for shoes in this style but not in neutral colors like many already in my wardrobe. The first pair I found were from J. Crew, in an olive green. I picked these particularly because of the tassels. They've always been something I love, which shows consistency, but on shoes rather than jewelry which shows unpredictability.


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Article: The Best Style Advice I've Ever Been Given


We'll be free: Coachella Inspiration

It's that time of year again, everyone lets go and embraces their bohemian side, even if it's just for a couple days. Every year, it amazes me how everyone can look so different yet so similar at the same time. Every look, stems from the same bohemian inspiration but it's done in individual ways.

For music festivals I love loose, undone hairdos like a braid or loose waves. Throughout the day, hair falls around the face, adding to the bohemian feel. By sun down, you end up with a look even more beautiful than it was in the morning.

There's three accessories I can't get enough of for this year's Coachella: hats, Birkenstocks and metal necklaces. Compared to last year, I've been liking hats with a slightly smaller and more structured brim. Especially, ones in a straw material rather than felt. Next are Birkenstocks, not only are they popular right now but most of us already have a pair in our closets. As for metal necklaces, who doesn't want an excuse to wear a statement necklace? 

Now for the most important part of the look, the outfit. I came across my first inspiration on Urban Outfitters last week. It incorporates both fringe (no matter how it's incorporated in the look) and soft shorts. Next, I've been loving crochet dresses. It's a simple way to get an effortlessly bohemian look.


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7 Beautiful Windows

Although it doesn't compare to these, my favorite part of my room is an oval window across from my bed. Every morning, I get to wake up to the sunrise and every night, I get to fall asleep to the light of the moon. When it rains, I get to watch the rain fall as I lay in bed and as it snows I get to see each layer fall on the trees. For this very reason, I purposely asked to keep the window, window treatment free. I was laying in bed the other night when I realized how something so simple could hold so much meaning. So, I looked long and hard and gathered 7 of the most beautiful windows I could find on Pinterest.


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Denim Story

There's no piece more classic nor more versatile in a wardrobe than denim. Day or night, spring or fall, white or blue there's no better staple in a woman's closet. Paired with a tee and sneakers it can be dressed down, but swap the sneakers for heels and add a blazer for a chic dressed up look. I don't think there's a piece in my closet, I've been able to carry throughout the years like I have with denim. There's a sentimental attachment we have with our denim. Even the jeans I've worn for years, I fall in love with all over again with each wear. There's something about putting on your favorite pair of jeans that feels like home.


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