Best Style Advice I've Read

Ironically, the best fashion advice I've ever read was in an article by The Chronicles of Her called, "The best style advice I've ever been given." To sum it up, being consistent in your style is only half of it, in order to be truly stylish you must be consistent but never predictable. It got me thinking about  how could I apply this advice to my own style. 

One piece I've been loving are lace up heels, but how can I apply them to my wardrobe unpredictably? I decided I would look for shoes in this style but not in neutral colors like many already in my wardrobe. The first pair I found were from J. Crew, in an olive green. I picked these particularly because of the tassels. They've always been something I love, which shows consistency, but on shoes rather than jewelry which shows unpredictability.


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Article: The Best Style Advice I've Ever Been Given

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