We'll be free: Coachella Inspiration

It's that time of year again, everyone lets go and embraces their bohemian side, even if it's just for a couple days. Every year, it amazes me how everyone can look so different yet so similar at the same time. Every look, stems from the same bohemian inspiration but it's done in individual ways.

For music festivals I love loose, undone hairdos like a braid or loose waves. Throughout the day, hair falls around the face, adding to the bohemian feel. By sun down, you end up with a look even more beautiful than it was in the morning.

There's three accessories I can't get enough of for this year's Coachella: hats, Birkenstocks and metal necklaces. Compared to last year, I've been liking hats with a slightly smaller and more structured brim. Especially, ones in a straw material rather than felt. Next are Birkenstocks, not only are they popular right now but most of us already have a pair in our closets. As for metal necklaces, who doesn't want an excuse to wear a statement necklace? 

Now for the most important part of the look, the outfit. I came across my first inspiration on Urban Outfitters last week. It incorporates both fringe (no matter how it's incorporated in the look) and soft shorts. Next, I've been loving crochet dresses. It's a simple way to get an effortlessly bohemian look.


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