13 Staples


Over the last couple weeks, I've completely purged my closet, only saving the things I love. It's the most refreshing feeling. Not only do I know what I have, but I know what I need. My goal is to slowly built my closet up by not looking for anything specific. Yes, by not looking for anything specific! Although, I do need some specific pieces, whenever I need them I can never find them. So why drive myself insane searching?

The only exception is staple pieces. I was surprised by the lack of them I had in my wardrobe. I honestly don't understand how I've gone so long without something like a basic white tee. To get the ball moving, I came up with a list of the summer staples I have and will be adding to my wardrobe this season. 

-Plain tees and tanks (at least 3) 
-Graphic tee
-Button down
-Light sweatshirt
-Jean jacket
-Throw on dress
-Classic shorts (I personally like the J. Crew Chino Shorts)
-Ripped boyfriend jeans
-White jeans
-Sandals that can be dressed up or down
-An easy slip on shoe like espadrilles or sneakers
-Crossbody bag


Shop some of my favorite basics below!

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3 Ways to Serenity


For all those in dire need of a little serenity (like myself), I've put together a collection of some of the most serene places and spaces, in hopes they will inspire you to create your own. But how can we achieve this without a backyard oasis or combined outdoor living space? Here are a few tips to achieve your own piece of serenity. 

1-Natural lighting
 In my opinion, natural lighting is the most important aspect in creating your space. It will instantly give your home a more open and airy feel.

2-Cool colors
Stick to a cool color pallet by using colors like blue, green, grey and purple with touches of black and white. 

Who has time to relax when they are so distracted by what's around them? Keep patterns and accessories to a minimum. 


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Summer in the City



Last Sunday, I spent my day walking the streets of Soho, in which I plan on doing as much as possible this summer. To share my adventures, I'm starting a new series on Simply Stylish called Summer in the City. I'll be documenting my daily experiences during my fashion writing and publications class at LIM College. As well as, all my favorite spots!



7 Beach Basics


In honor of many beach days to come, I've compiled a list of my 7 must haves for the beach. Enjoy!

1-Bathing suit
No explanation needed. I like to buy mine in a set color scheme, that way I can mix and match in more ways than one. This year's color scheme was a mix of hunter green, navy and black. 

2-A beach dress or oversized button down
To provide both function and style. 

3-Baseball hat
To keep the blazing sun out of your face on those extra hot summer days. Alternatives are floppy hats and fedoras!

4-Catch all beach bag
The bigger the better! I currently have my eye on a straw tote from Madewell. Inside, I like to throw in a waterproof pouch to keep any electronics dry!

5-A bottle of sea salt spray
I personally use Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I have to say, it works wonders! I spray a generous amount when I get out of the water and my hair dries in effortless looking beach waves. 

To listen to the perfect beach playlist... enough said. 

7-A book
There's nothing I love more than sitting back on the beach with a good book. One of my recent favorites is The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg,  a tell all book about her extravagant life. 


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Summer Neutrals


I've never been a big fan of color but for some reason every summer, I've fallen into the patten of trying to brighten up my wardrobe. In theory it was a good idea, but I never truly loved anything I owned. In hopes to change that, this summer I did the opposite and stuck to what I know and love, neutrals. 


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As a welcome back from a long period of not blogging, I wanted to share one of my long time favorite home accent, brass. I've always been a brass kinda girl, but lately I've been seeing it everywhere. Above are a few of my favorite ways to use them in your home!


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