7 Beach Basics


In honor of many beach days to come, I've compiled a list of my 7 must haves for the beach. Enjoy!

1-Bathing suit
No explanation needed. I like to buy mine in a set color scheme, that way I can mix and match in more ways than one. This year's color scheme was a mix of hunter green, navy and black. 

2-A beach dress or oversized button down
To provide both function and style. 

3-Baseball hat
To keep the blazing sun out of your face on those extra hot summer days. Alternatives are floppy hats and fedoras!

4-Catch all beach bag
The bigger the better! I currently have my eye on a straw tote from Madewell. Inside, I like to throw in a waterproof pouch to keep any electronics dry!

5-A bottle of sea salt spray
I personally use Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I have to say, it works wonders! I spray a generous amount when I get out of the water and my hair dries in effortless looking beach waves. 

To listen to the perfect beach playlist... enough said. 

7-A book
There's nothing I love more than sitting back on the beach with a good book. One of my recent favorites is The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg,  a tell all book about her extravagant life. 


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  1. I love the pictures.. They're so inspiring!

  2. Love this :)

  3. aww such beautiful photos. and I agree with the oversized button down. essential for the beach

  4. Amazing inspiration! Love this style! Veery nice blog you have!


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