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7 Summer Getaway Essentials

I have quite a romanticized outlook on life in general, so when I think about a weekend getaway I get whisked away in all the excitement. I love how you can just get up and go, get away from it all for a few days and relax. But in the process of everything, I always manage to forget a few things while packing. Here's a guide of 7 essentials to make packing stress free.

1- Coordinating colors
Not necessarily an essential but I find it easier to pack and dress when everything coordinates. Why take time away from your weekend getting ready?

2- Basic tees
Easy to throw on whether it be with a skirt and wedges or shorts and sneakers.

3- Key shoes
Keeping up with the coordination, I like to bring 2 or 3 pairs of shoes that I can wear with everything.

4- Weekender Bag
Big enough to throw everything in without having to bring a regular suitcase. Shop my favorites below!

5- Basic makeup
Whenever I'm on vacation, I hardly ever wear much makeup. I like to keep it simple by sticking to bb cream, cover up, powder and a little mascara.

6- Bathing suit and cover-up
All you need is one or two bathing suits max. Like I've mentioned before, I like to buy bathing suits in a set color scheme so I can mix and match. While packing, keep in mind two bathing suits can easily turn into four.

7- Journal or camera
To document all your adventures.


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Summer in the City: In My Eyes

This week marks the start of my adventures in the city. Whenever I'm here, it not only solidifies but strengthens my desire to live in New York. It's the atmosphere. It's the performers on the street, the authenticity of the style, even the graffiti on the walls, that draws me in.

Each day of my fashion publications and writing class, we get time to eat lunch and wonder about. Yesterday, I started my break by grabbing a bite to eat at The Amish Market, with a few new friends. We talked, ate and when we were done my friend Rachel and I roamed the streets surrounding the school. Here are a few shots of New York through my eyes.



Featured Finds No. 1

A few books I've been lusting over for a while but haven't gotten around to purchasing. 

Ever since last fall, I've grown a new appreciation for books. Not only as literature, but as a design tool to add personality to your home.