7 Summer Getaway Essentials

I have quite a romanticized outlook on life in general, so when I think about a weekend getaway I get whisked away in all the excitement. I love how you can just get up and go, get away from it all for a few days and relax. But in the process of everything, I always manage to forget a few things while packing. Here's a guide of 7 essentials to make packing stress free.

1- Coordinating colors
Not necessarily an essential but I find it easier to pack and dress when everything coordinates. Why take time away from your weekend getting ready?

2- Basic tees
Easy to throw on whether it be with a skirt and wedges or shorts and sneakers.

3- Key shoes
Keeping up with the coordination, I like to bring 2 or 3 pairs of shoes that I can wear with everything.

4- Weekender Bag
Big enough to throw everything in without having to bring a regular suitcase. Shop my favorites below!

5- Basic makeup
Whenever I'm on vacation, I hardly ever wear much makeup. I like to keep it simple by sticking to bb cream, cover up, powder and a little mascara.

6- Bathing suit and cover-up
All you need is one or two bathing suits max. Like I've mentioned before, I like to buy bathing suits in a set color scheme so I can mix and match. While packing, keep in mind two bathing suits can easily turn into four.

7- Journal or camera
To document all your adventures.


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  1. Hi lovely, great essentials, the best tip is key shoes, nothing like comfortable footwear!.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  2. great essentials! i'm all about bringing basics :)

  3. Wish it were me in that hammock. Journal and camera are clutch!