3 Ways to Achieve Lazy Girl Chic


It's that time of year again; the beginning of school. At this time of the year, every year, I'm always looking for easy outfits that are both cute and comfortable. After many failed attempts, I've picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are 3 tips for the girls who wants to look stylish but doesn't have the time or the motivation in the morning!

1- Stick to essentials
By using essentials for the base of your outfit, it makes it easy to add a jacket, accessories and shoes to finish the look.

2- When in doubt, wear a one piece
Lately, dresses and rompers have been my outfits of choice when I'm rushing out the door. Invest in a few tee shirt dresses. I have one from Urban Outfitters I've been wearing every chance I get. They're basically a socially acceptable version of the huge tee shirt you wore last night!

3- Graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts
They add personality while being ridiculously comfortable. Sweatshirts in particular are something I'm going to be wearing a ton of this fall/winter because they are so versatile in your wardrobe. The other day, I ordered one from J. Crew. It was shown over a white button up online but it can be worn with anything from workout pants to skirts. Shop some of my favorite graphic tees and sweatshirts below!


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