Currently Coveting

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A few favorites and things I've been loving for the month of November...

1. Love - don't ask me why or how but before this month I'd never had a black and white striped tee in my wardrobe. Now it's a staple and my #1 go to piece this month.

2. Desire - the fact that an item is "trendy" usually makes me hesitate when buying shoes. For these Free People flats, that was not the case. They're definitely on the top of my wish list.

3. Home - I love this space because the first thing you're drawn to is the floor but once you take a second to look more closely, you see the simple beauty in everything else.

4. Inspire - "live simply"

5. Listen - Prey by The Neighborhood has been on constant repeat.

6. Read - I'd been wanting the book How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are for a while, so when I got it for my birthday I was thrilled.

7. Pin & Post- my obsession with Pinterest and Tumblr only grows. More can be found on my pages: Pinterest / Tumblr

8. Miscellaneous - I've always loved beautiful fonts but recently I've been interested in learning calligraphy.


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