Your Personal Style

Last year, was my year of fashion. I spent pretty much the whole year getting a sense of my style. I spent a lot of time reading blogs, scrolling through Pinterest, flipping through magazines, so you kinda know. Of course it's never gonna stay exactly the same but for now I think I got it. 

I think defining your style can either be the easiest or hardest fashion choice, depending on how true you are to what you like, what looks good on you and what you want to say about yourself.

The most important thing to know...you are never too young or too old to define your style. Don't feel stuck or afraid to suddenly change it up.

Here are my 4 tips for defining your personal style:

There's a difference between defining your style and labeling it. All you're doing when you define your style, is honing in what you like.

2-Pick and choose trends
I can't stress this enough. There's nothing wrong with wearing trends as long as you're not wearing them for the wrong reasons. Think about how a trend would suit you and your wardrobe. If it's not something you absolutely love, don't wear it.

3-Signatures and basics
They will be the foundation of your wardrobe. Invest in those lifelong piece that you can wear with anything and everything.

Your board will physically be able to show you what you like, rather than just having an idea in your head. Remember not just to pin clothes, you can draw inspiration from anything. Pinterest is where I find my most inspiration as well as Tumblr (above is a screenshot from my blog).



  1. I completely agree with what you said about trends! Great read!

  2. Perfect 4 steps for defining our style!

    DadieB. ~

  3. Nice & Impressive Post you have shared...and you specify our style very well!!

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